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Let’s Have People-driven Constitution

THE people of Zimbabwe should not allow parliament or the inclusive government to impose a minority centred constitution on them.

If Zimbabwe is a democratic country the executive and the legislature should not dictate or impose their own documents on the people.

Zimbabwe does not need a government–driven constitutional process but a people–driven constitutional process.

The National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) helped in the formation of the MDC and is a founder of the democratic resistance in Zimbabwe. It  therefore should spearhead the writing of a new constitution in Zimbabwe.

Until today, I believe the NCA is a democratic institution with the people’s mandate to drive the constitution–making process in the country.

My understanding is that the position has not changed regardless of the fact that some of the pioneers of the campaign are now part of the executive and legislature.

We want a new constitution to come from the NCA which is a civic society coalition with the people’s mandate to write the constitution.

The NCA should invite the inclusive government instead of the government inviting the NCA to their  own process.

Good or bad, a government– sponsored constitution will face  rejection at a referendum.

Kurauone Chihwayi,

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