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Is this a Dream Come True?

FOR “street theatre” lovers Dreams Can Come True will offer an hour and a half of the type of acting popularised by the likes of Freddy “Kapfupi” Manjalima.

Written, directed –– and pretty much everything else –– by Gibson Takawira,  it revolves around a group of deadbeats who seem to have nothing going for them until they find their niche in street theatre performances.

Embedded in that main theme is the plight of the school leaver in a country with a 90% unemployment rate and in which formal employment is the preserve of a privileged few.

The main character Toffy (Leo Juta) goes out of his way to project the image of someone who is formally employed to win the affections of his girlfriend Vimbai (Talent Mashaka). It all falls apart when Vimbai is sent away by her parents and has to go to stay at her boyfriend’s “manor”.

She gets a rude awakening as she discovers that her boyfriend lives in an unfurnished and filthy outhouse along with a group of coarse mannered companions. His claim to be formally employed is shattered as she begins to see that he survives on dubious and sometimes criminal activities.

When her boyfriend begins to find his footing in street performances she frets about the effect that it will have on their already dented image, urging him to go and find a “real” job.

It is only when Toffy and his crew attain some relative success in their new endeavour that she begins to show some support. Naturally the moral of the story is that one needs to support their companion in whatever they have set their mind to do.

Unfortunately the use of mostly unnecessary and crude attempts at humour only served to reinforce the notion that the production is just “street theatre” on film.

This will definitely alienate mature audiences.

Again it has to be said that the script could have done better with some originality and is so formulaic that it’s so easy to predict the eventual outcome.

Dreams Can Come True is currently showing at Liberty Cinema in Harare and is expected to be showcased again in Gweru next week.


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