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I SALUTE all the political leaders who are preaching reconciliation and reconstruction. A lot of blood was shed during the run up to the June 2008 run off elections.

An eye for an eye makes Zimbabwe blind. To all those who are doubting as to how we can come out of this mess I say yes we can.
Taurai Musingarabwi.

IF the government is broke as they claim, where did they get the money to buy the top of the range Mercedes Benz vehicles instead of settling for more modest cars? Let’s practise what we preach, otherwise even the MDC will risk losing the respect the people had in it.

I FAIL to understand where Tendai Biti is getting lost. For financial assistance to Zimbabwe to come the donors need to see reform here first. Remove Posa and Aippa, stop farm invasions and let justice prevail. They should be busy getting things right in parliament, not flying to Europe! I pray they won’t give you anything till real change comes.

IS this the same Arthur Mutambara who once described Robert Mugabe as the mortar and the glue that sticks the rot together? I was amazed by his praise of Mugabe during the launch of Sterp.
Better Days.

SO what if the service chiefs did not turn up for Morgan Tsvangirai’s swearing in ceremony? Can a nation starve because of the pride of three individuals?
Observer, Harare.

BRAVO Zimind group for the proposed overdue launch of NewsDay. We will support you.
Uncle D.

DEAR Muckraker: For your article “Restore the rule of law first” (Zimbabwe Independent March 20 to 26) I would vote for you for president. At least someone shows some commonsense. I love your column.

PLEASED to see that Muckraker is finally criticising the MDC. Why did it take so long?

I QUOTE Reason Wafawarova’s article that he wrote in the Herald (Tuesday, March 3) in which he stated that “those who confuse their personal dreams with national interest must never be allowed to find their way into public office, let alone government or parliament”. Well said! A few names came to mind when I read that part.

HAS anyone noticed how Nathaniel Manheru misses his Saturday Herald column? He has written articles using dubious names. There is no place for columnists who insult the populace every Saturday in this inclusive government.
Wamwano, Zengeza 2.

THANK you Professor Jonathan Moyo for the projects you are initiating in Tsholotsho. We are benefiting from your representation of our constituency. Keep it up.
Jonah Nkiwane.

A MAN without principles cannot be a leader. Abednico Bhebhe took us for a ride during the campaign period. He should be told that we voted for the MDC Mutambara party and not for him as an individual.

IF Gideon Gono had Zimbabwe at heart as he claims, he should resign now. Arthur Mutambara and Tendai Biti are right; we can’t have useless monetary policies.
Mfoka Gatseni.

DOES the law state that chiefs, headman and village heads own the people they lead? I believe that these people also need to be voted into office. They abuse their powers and that’s why politicians use them for their own purposes.

CAN we please have electricity restored in Jenandoro Street,  Zengeza 3. We have been in darkness for one year and five months.

PRIME Minister, investigate investment companies please. The black market rates on pensioners’ unit trust equities are ripping us off.
Bankrupt, Harare.

CAN someone at the University of Zimbabwe explain why our fees are now pegged at US$550, up from US$200?
Mwana wacivil servant.

WE need you Minister Stan Mudenge to intervene in our situation. We will not be able to write our examinations at ZOU because we are unable to pay the high foreign currency fees they want us to pay. We had already paid our fees last year but now they demand foreign currency top ups.
Disgruntled student.

DAVID Coltart should explain to us why enrolling a child at a school in the low density areas costs six times more than in the high density surbubs. After I paid levy and the school fees, the total went up to US$250. This is daylight robbery!

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