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MDC Must Initiate Reforms

WHILST I appreciate the fact that the MDC has to prioritise revitalising the economy, they should never lose sight of the need to institute reform.

Zimbabwe has been unfortunate in that since the 1890s the regimes that have attained power have used it to serve sectional interests and not the national interest.

As a result there is a deformity in how these institutions — such as the army, police or even the public media — operate in that they pander to the interests of the government of the day.

As a result, the MDC needs to realise that whilst it busies itself with trying to revive the economy, the structures and modus operandi that caused the current crisis are still in place and need to be reformed for them to make any meaningful and lasting change.

The “public” media should be reconstituted to serve the nation in a meaningful and development oriented way. The police as well should be transformed from being a “force” to a “service” which serves the interests of the public and on which the public can truly rely.

Let’s have media registration bodies that actually register media organisations and whose membership reflects diverse political viewpoints.

Joshua Munekani,

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