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It’s a weird world

FLATULENT: A San Francisco eighth-grader was suspended from riding the school bus for three days after being accused of passing gas.


The bus driver wrote on a misbehaviour form that a 15-year-old teen passed gas on the bus on Monday to make the other children laugh, creating a stench so bad that it was difficult to breathe. The bus driver handed the teen the suspension form the next day.

Polk County school officials said there’s no rule against flatulence, but there are rules against causing a disturbance on the bus.

Similarly, a 13-year-old student at a Stuart school was arrested in November after authorities said he broke wind in class. –– SFGate.

MONEY MEAL: A North Carolina family’s dog didn’t eat the children’s homework; he ate mom’s money.
Kelley Davis said she had an extra US$400 in cash to deposit after working extra hours as a physical therapist. She remembered leaving it in the bedroom and it occurred to her that the family’s two-year-old greater Swiss mountain dog, Augie, might have eaten it.

Davis  (42)  said when she took Augie for a walk Saturday, she found parts of three US$100 bills and five US$20 notes in his faeces. She washed them with a garden hose and hopes to find enough pieces to exchange them for cash. –– Msnbc.

TWO-TIMER: Authorities said a 61-year-old man allegedly married to two women who lived in the same apartment complex faces bigamy and other felony charges.

Officials said police were called to the complex in November when the second wife went to the first wife’s apartment to confront the man and found out he was married to someone else.

The man was arrested this week and made his first court appearance on Wednesday.

The man married his first wife 22 years ago. Court records said the second marriage occurred in January 2006. Both women are in their fifties.

The man was also charged with using his father’s Social Security card to lease one of the apartments and with stealing jewellery and money from his second wife. — Msnbc.

LATE PAYMENT: A customer who fled a Swansea curry house without paying has finally paid up — 13 years later.

The mystery diner left the Indian restaurant in Mumbles, Swansea, without paying for the £10 meal back in 1996.

Now he has sent police £60 cash and an anonymous letter asking them to settle the bill, reports Sky News.
Police found that the building was knocked down a couple of years ago, and a block of luxury flats built in its place.

They want to trace who owned the restaurant back in 1996 — when it was called the Sea View Palace. –– Ananova.

DANGLING DUCT DUDE: The manager of a Blackjack Pizza outlet in Denver, USA,  got a start when he discovered a man’s legs hanging from a vent above the restaurant’s oven.

Police said the dangling legs were accompanied by a voice yelling, “Help me, help me” on Friday morning. Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said the man told officers and firefighters he’d been stuck in the duct for five or six hours.

Jackson said the man was arrested on suspicion of burglary. –– Msnbc.

SATAN TOLD ME: A woman accused of taking more than US$73 000 from the Arlington church where she was an administrative assistant blames the devil.

Papers filed with a theft charge on Wednesday in Snohomish County Superior Court say the 62-year-old Arlington woman told detectives “Satan had a big part in the theft”.  –– Msnbc.

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