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WE join the Zvinavashe family, liberation war veterans and the rest of the nation in mourning the death of a gallant son of the soil. Rest in peace General Vitalis Zvinavashe.

TO Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai I convey my condolences on the death of our first lady Susan. Rest in peace our mother. We will miss you.
MDC supporter.

TO Amai Susan Tsvangirai I say goodbye Zimbabwe’s rose. You were  a candle in the wind.

UPON a nation mired in economic ruin is foisted an even sadder loss of one half of democracy’s foremost couple!
Nut 09.

TO be frank ladies and gentlemen David Coltart is the minister of the month of February. Keep it up Dave, your province of Bulawayo is proud of you. Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube are first and second runners up.
Ndlovini yakwaNgozi.

CAN the Ministry of Education investigate the rampant corruption and lack of courtesy bedevilling the Masvingo provincial education offices.

SCHOOL children at Riverside school in Gweru are forced to sweep and mop their classes with their hands using dirty rags. Most toilets at this school are not functioning  and there are burst pipes near the grade ones’ classes. This exposes them to diseases such as cholera. The mopping should be done by a worker using a real mop and a broom and gloves. Children risk developing respiratory disorders due to the daily exposure to dust.
Concerned Parent.

CONGRATULATIONS Nelson Chamisa for your appointment as a minister. You are a star to us the people of Zimbabwe because you have been fighting for our freedom. I salute you.
MDC for life.

PEOPLE should understand that peace and tranquility come at a price. There is nothing wrong with the size of Zimbabwe’s cabinet.
E Ndlovu, Bulawayo.

IF Gideon Gono has Zimbabwe at heart as he claims, he should resign now. Arthur Mutambara and Tendai Biti are right in saying that we can’t have meaningless monetary policies.
Mfoka Gatsheni.
TAFATAONA Mahoso and John Makumbe should not be given space in the state and private media to dish out their vitriol. They are not progressive but destructive. They are reluctant to enter the new era of change. If the media allow them to utter negative things then they are equally guilty. Let’s move together as one family.
Taurai Musingarabwi.

I BELIEVE that there is no such thing as the Bulawayo agenda. Rather it’s more like the Tsvangirai agenda to me.
Ndlovenkulu, Bulawayo.

HEADS should roll at TelOne. They have taken us for a ride for too long.

WHY are calls and messages to South Africa barred on the Net One pre-paid Easycall “service”? After all aren’t we paying for the service in US dollars so the lack of forex excuse no longer flies?

ECONET has been screaming about the lack of foreign currency and has cited it as the main reason why they continue to fail to set up the much hyped 3G network service. Maybe if other network providers enter the fray then Econet will care more about its customers.

ZESA is forcing us the consumers to pay for damaged transformers. Is Minister Elias Mudzuri aware of this? Please investigate, we need to know.
Sir Wally.

ZESA bills here in Kadoma are just outrageous. Where on earth are we supposed to get US$80 to pay for a month’s bill?
Civil servant, Kadoma.

WHAT is it about commuter omnibus drivers that the ZRP and the municipal police fear so much? These drivers openly flaunt the rules of the road with shocking arrogance and no regard for other road users. All this is carried out in full view of the police who appear to be too frightened or too lazy to do anything about it. It’s high time the police started using their authority constructively.

AREN’T the fines that the police are demanding we pay simply ridiculous? How can they demand US$20 for an offence such as public drinking? I suggest that a commission of enquiry be set up to look into this. I wonder if correct procedures were followed in determining the fines.
Zero remittance.


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