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Zanu PF Does not Care About People

THE statement made by President Robert Mugabe at his birthday bash that they would acquire more farms is a clear sign that he condones the current farm invasions.

To make such a dangerous statement when over five million Zimbabweans are starving is a testimony that Zanu PF does not care about the fate of the people of Zimbabwe.

Instead of being proactive and carrying out an audit on how the farms that have been grabbed already are being utilised, Zanu PF and Mugabe instead intensify their land grabs when every Zimbabwean is looking forward to a change following the implementation of the inclusive government.
 After all this madness is over Mugabe and his cronies should be made accountable for the starvation that they brought to this country.
 However, in the meantime, the new Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai should speak strongly against these new farm disruptions as they will cause further damage to the already battered economy when those farms that were earlier taken are being left under utilised.
Trymore Mazhambe,

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