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Deaths Bring Leaders Together

THE untimely deaths recently of Susan Tsvangirai and General Vitalis Zvinavashe were a true reflection that the inclusive government would be a success if the spirit of togetherness that was shown by the leaders of Zanu PF and MDC is also reflected in government business.

During the separate funerals of the two, the leaders of the three political parties truly showed that they were sincere in making sure that the Global Political Agreement signed last year was a success.

If this spirit continues, then there is no reason for the inclusive government to fail.
However, the inclusive government should go the extra mile and fish out detractors who are bent on making the inclusive government a flop.  
These are some of the people who torched houses of rival party supporters in Buhera during the burial of Amai Tsvangirai.
The police should act swiftly and bring the culprits to book because if they are not made to account for their actions, this violence will spread to other areas and will become uncontrollable.
Trymore Mazhambe,

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