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MORGAN Tsvangirai should know that the road to the top is full of obstacles. We are with him during these trying times.
Susan Ndombo, Wedza.

I JOIN the nation in mourning Amai Susan Tsvangirai. To Morgan Tsvangirai, be strong and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Robert Mugabe should improve the security of the Prime Minister.
Shocked, Sibanda.

 I WOULD like to express my deepest condolences to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, for the tragic death of his beloved wife. May she rest in eternal peace!

WE convey our condolences to the prime minister for the loss of a pillar of support, especially in the context of the GNU. Even though the road now seems cloudy, we should continue to soldier on.
God’s will, Bulawayo.
I WOULD like to express my deepest condolences to Morgan Tsvangirai and family. Rest in peace Amai.
Dollar bill.
PICTURES of the wrecked car –– which claimed Susan Tsvangirai’s life –– were splashed in the media including the ZBC. We still await pictures of wreckages that claimed Border Gezi, Brigadier-General Gunda and Elliot Manyika who died under mysterious circumstances.
Questionable, Harare.

WHY were some sections of the media rushing to publish stories to the effect that “there was no foul play” in the prime minister’s accident and that “it was a genuine accident”? I think there should be a full scale investigation before any such conclusion is reached.
Mr Abas.

TO Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai I say it is high time we learn to cooperate so as to save our under-fire nation.
Media Analyst.

THE more we frustrate one another in Zimbabwe, the more vulnerable the GNU deal is to collapsing.
Job, Bulawayo.

JOMIC’S attempt to address the issues of gender imbalances is necessary. It however needs to be complemented by wisdom.
Gender equality, Bulawayo.

THERE are so many fake drivers’ licences in circulation right now. It seems the authorities are doing nothing about it whilst lives are lost on our roads.
Observer, Harare.


I APPEAL to the GNU to reduce the very high passport fees. Ours must be the most exorbitant ones in the world. Editor please help us to highlight this issue otherwise we the poor will never own a passport in this country.

THE Zimbabwe Independent is a paper that I do not miss every week. I have a lot of confidence in its investigative journalism abilities.

However the paper failed to adequately cover some important events which transpired in the last three weeks.

For example we did not see the comprehensive list of the final cabinet, the list of permanent secretaries, and the prime minister’s speech in parliament.

Please note that we still need this information. It’s better late than never. We rely on you.
Muchesa Chatsama, Chipinge.

GIDEON Gono worked painstakingly hard –– under extremely harsh circumstances –– which were far beyond his control. Zimbabweans should respect him for that.

THERE are so many things Governor Gideon Gono can still do. I am happy however to say that there is something he cannot do and that’s print foreign currency.
Economist, Harare.

WE have a biodiesel factory that is rusting away, yet fuel can be made from plant tissue. We could end our fuel woes, export the excess and create jobs in the process.

MINISTER Elias Mudzuri please save us Zesa employees. Up to now we have not received our February salaries –– how are we supposed to survive?
Hungry Zesa employee.

MY physics teacher at Chegato Secondary school taught me that no matter how high you throw a stone it will be forced back to the ground. I hope Nathaniel Manheru has learnt that lesson as well.

WILLIAM Shakespeare in one of his plays said that words are rascals. Nathaniel Manheru should know that a rascal can leave a person nursing wounds.
Icho WaMafa.

CAN someone tell Trust Academy that people are supposed to pay tuition fees and not the “affordable prices” they claim to charge on their advertisements on ZBC.

It’s as wide off the mark as saying one pays bus fee instead of bus fare.
Queen’s Language, Harare.


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