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We Shall Miss you Amai

YOUTH Forum joins the nation, region and the international community in mourning the shocking and unexpected death of Susan Tsvangirai, the wife of Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister and president of the Movement for Democratic Change, Morgan Tsvangirai. We received the sad news with great sorrow and distress.

We hold that the nation has been robbed of a humble, exemplary and hardworking woman. During the height of tension between Zanu PF and MDC she was always under verbal attack from her husband’s political rivals but there is not even a single day when she hogged the limelight for the wrong reasons by lashing at her opponents whom she accumulated by virtue of being wife to the MDC-T president.

She would only speak when it was necessary to do so and would do so wisely to our admiration as youths. She knew that the law should take its course, hence she never took the law into her own hands like what other women married to national leaders do with impunity.

Most journalists who interviewed her testified that Amai Tsvangirai was compassionate. She was also very supportive during the trying times of the struggle to democratise Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile we wish the prime minister a speedy recovery in all aspects. We know that for the past 31 years the late Amai Tsvangirai has been a pillar of strength. Nonetheless we hope that the fact that the nation, region and the international community are also supportive will go a long way in bringing solace to our prime minister who is a beacon of hope to the people of Zimbabwe.

Youth Forum,
Information and Publicity Dept.

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