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Fare Thee Well Mother of the Nation

THE Zimbabwe Diaspora Development Interface (ZDDI) has learnt with profound shock of the tragic death of Susan Tsvangirai, wife of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. We join millions of Zimbabweans mourning her sad loss.

Not only was she a loyal and hardworking partner of our prime minister, she was also, by virtue of her position, a mother of the nation.

We also take this opportunity to urge Zimbabweans to celebrate her life and take inspiration from all the good deeds that she accomplished during her life time. We do so guided by the firm belief that with our collective will and spirit we can overcome adversity.

The prime minister also suffered physical injuries in the tragic accident and we wish him well in his recovery. We know that with the best medical attention the physical wounds will heal but we also know that there are wounds to the spirit which will call for our collective efforts and support for the prime minister and his family.

Guided by the founding values of cooperation and mutual assistance, the ZDDI calls upon its members and all Zimbabweans to work together at this difficult time.

We have noted, with great interest, the progress that Prime Minister Tsvangirai and the new government were making in recent weeks, under very difficult conditions.
We hope and pray that this progress will continue and that this sad event will have demonstrated to us that tiri vanhu vamwe (we are one) and that we can only progress by working together.
Rest in Peace Mai Tsvangirai and we wish you a speedy recovery prime minister and the staff who were injured in the accident.

   Zimbabwe Diaspora Development    

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