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THE GNU must publicly explain their plans and time frame for healing the nation.

ZANU PF wants the MDC to pull out of the unity government because they are continuously and unilaterally making decisions without consultation. They should not give up but should keep pointing out these excesses and refer to AU and UN if they continue being difficult.

THANK you Editor for the memo Tsvangirai’s halfway house (Zimbabwe Independent, February 27 to March 5). Even as an MDC supporter I can see that the issues you alluded to are very pertinent.

WELSHMAN Ncube has worked for democracy since the early days of the NCA. He also helped establish and stabilise the MDC and continued the fight for democracy as a negotiator. He has been consistent hence his former comrades at MDC-T cannot stand the values and principles he stands for. Continue the good work along with Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga.

TO Abednico Bhebhe I say shame on you if you think you own us as the people of Nkayi. We belong to our party and will always vote for it and not for you.
Ntakubomvu, Nkayi.

MDC and MDC-T must unite because PF Zapu is real. It’s alive and is premised on Umdala Wethu Joshua Nkomo’s non–tribal and non–racial ideals. Professor Welshman Ncube should  use his negotiating skills again to reunite the party.

MAY I say thumbs up to the formation of an anti–political violence council of Zimbabwe which is led by Shepherd Maunganidze. As a nation that has gone through political violence–induced polarisation, we  need more civic groups like these as we take advantage of the new political dispensation so that the madness of yesteryear will not be repeated in future. I wish Maunganidze and his team all the best.     

I RECENTLY came to the realisation that Zimbabwe is going nowhere. I had the highest hopes for the new government to work but so far I have seen no progress. Where are the so-called heroes? We really need reform! I am disgusted at how Robert Mugabe could afford to have such an extravagant party when the people are starving.


FORMER TelOne and Zimpost workers who were suspended in October 2004 for engaging in an “unlawful” job action are still jobless. May the prime minister and other stakeholders responsible move in to assist the starving workers?
J M Chindo.

PARASTATALS are the backbone of this country’s economy. If there is to be any improvement in the running of these parastatals, soldiers, retired soldiers and incompetent CEOs should be removed.
O Masina.

GOVERNOR Gideon Gono has finally met his match in Finance minister Tendai Biti. Gono can no longer print money to cover his incompetence. He should go now.
Economist, Harare.

CONGRATULATIONS to the new cabinet ministers. Thank you for looking at our plight in terms of TelOne tariffs which were out of this world if not universe.

HOW low has the ZRP stooped to? I was stopped at the intersection of Robert Mugabe Road and Julius Nyerere and was told I had to pay a fine of US$35 because my vehicle was dirty. When I told the policeman that we should go to the headquarters to pay the fine he became aggressive and then told us to go.
Not a bribe payer.

WE wonder why NetOne’s very poor service is so expensive. Can somebody explain?

INFLATION still haunts tenants. I would like to applaude the GNU for the swift control of unrealistic charges to individuals. May I draw their attention to the issue of rentals, where a room is now going for R500-700 per month in the high density suburbs. Given the current economic situation this amounts to sabotage of our economic turnaround programme. The GNU together with the rent board need to come up with acceptable rentals that take into consideration the prevailing remuneration on the market and the currency at play.

HIGH Court judges should know that the nation is watching them whilst they ignore the abuse of human rights.
Survivor, Harare.

SHAME on the ZBC cameraman  who covered the MDC rally in Gweru recently. Botswana television showed how huge the crowd really was.
Cameraman of the 80’s.

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