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Help us in our Time of Need

OUR homes were destroyed by marauding Zanu PF youths after the March 29 elections.

We sought shelter at Harvest House where we met many more people from around Zimbabwe running away from persecution.

Harrowing stories of torture were recorded and I saw traumatised people whose lives will never be the same again after this.

Most of us have had our means of livelihood destroyed. Our livestock was taken, we have no shelter and a few of us were given seed and fertiliser but most of us have got nothing. Since our mode of life was affected we have no food and other basic necessities. This is only a tip of an iceberg.

In Epworth there are many such sad stories to tell. Unlike in the rural areas where the people can build a shelter using inexpensive materials, money is needed to rebuild a home in Epworth. Again in the rural areas there are relatives who can chip in to help whilst in Epworth –– a semi-urban settlement –– it’s every man for himself.

On behalf of all the victims of the 2008 elections violence in general and those in Epworth in particular, I appeal to the inclusive government and the donor community to move swiftly and help us in our time of need.

I urge the prime minister and all his allies to please remember us, the foot soldiers who gave so much to make it possible for the situation to be what it is.

Epworth is a peculiar settlement which needs peculiar solutions. We ask that our plight be considered on its own merit without neglecting the others. We need;

* Food aid as a matter of urgency;

*Income generating programmes and jobs to boost us;

* Help with providing fees for our children who are no longer going to school;

* Help to rebuild our homes;

* Tents to act as temporary shelter or roofing material as a matter of urgency;

* Blankets and clothing since most our personal effects were destroyed;

* Help to get certificates, IDs and so on which were destroyed;

*l Legal help to secure our properties;

Another factor which is troubling us is that we live with our persecutors and we still feel threatened by them. We urge the ministers responsible for national healing to speed up so that we can walk without looking over our shoulders. We understand there is need for reconciliation but we also understand the need for justice.

Concerned Resident,

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