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IS your puzzle for members of the EU or AU?

DR Gideon Gono is an asset that can still be of great use in the GNU. You cannot expect him to have done otherwise from what he did since he is a man who worked under authority. Things have now changed and I believe he can still help Zimbabwe. Just try him.

IF Gideon Gono is to leave office it must be stressed that his exit package be paid in his beloved Zimbabwean dollar.

THE best way of getting rid of Gideon Gono is to institute an audit of the Reserve Bank by a professional team of external auditors.This is important to establish what the new government is inheriting.


There is a lot of dirt in almost all aspects of what Gono has been up to which needs to be cleared.

IF Gideon Gono failed to bring about positive policies for the past decade we can’t expect him to do that now. He should just go.
Hard Times.

Gideon Gono has utterly destroyed the finance sector through his futile policies and now it’s high time that he be shown the exit door. He has failed us as Zimbabweans and we don’t need him anymore!

TENDAI Biti and Gideon Gono just need to work together. Gono could have made some decisions that have been costly to the country but there are good reasons why he did that.

Robert Mugabe has been the root and the MDC are dining with him, so why bother Gono?

RAYMOND Majongwe, you should think like an economist.

There is no government that can give teachers US$2 400 because the greenback is not printed at RBZ amongst a host of other reasons.
Economist, Harare.

TEL ONE in Mutare has this month raised extortionate US dollar bills for the general use of its services. Efforts to verify the amounts billed against usage are near impossible.

May the new minister responsible please save us from this daylight robbery?
Concerned User.

TO Dumiso Dabengwa we say that we applaud you for the reformation of the PF-Zapu party.
Matabeleland Alert, Bulawayo.

ABEDNICO Bhebhe should show some semblance of political maturity. What he is currently showing us is absolute greed.

Why would Morgan Tsvangirai give him a ministerial post if it was not a kick back? What is it that he has that all those who are in the MDC-T who failed to make it into cabinet do not have?

IN voting for you Abednico Bhebhe we were voting for the party, not you as an individual. The earlier you learn that the better for your political future.

UNTIL  Jestina Mukoko, Roy Bennett and all the other political prisoners are unconditionally released and the rule of law restored, I will be lobbying the West to not only maintain sanctions against Zanu PF but to increase them.
N Maine.

I WAS initially disturbed by Roy Bennett’s arrest but now I believe that the law should take its course. The same law should be used to investigate Zanu PF agents including the army and police.
J Mhene, Bindura.

THE Prime Minister should consider injecting subsidies into the operations of parastatals so that they are able to absorb operational costs.

These costs have been passed on to the consumers –– eating into their disposable income.

BRITAIN and the US should help Morgan Tsvangirai demonstrate effectiveness in improving the lot of the Zimbabwean people, including those in the army and the police, thus isolating the hard-line elements in Zanu PF who no longer have the resources they need to continue to buy the support of the security forces and the civil service.
Political Analyst.

MORGAN Tsvangirai, will you make sure that you and the MDC are not swallowed by Zanu PF. Always be on guard because you carry the aspirations of the suffering majority. Indoda emadodeni! (Man among men).
Amai Zimba.

WE are thankful to John Nkomo and Joseph Msika for representing our region and for their leadership. The appointment of  the cabinet ministers was also a great achievement; we thank President Robert Mugabe, honourables Morgan Richard Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara for facilitating that process. We wish the GNU the best as it progresses.   

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