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Time for MDC Ministers to Perform

THIS week, the MDC ministers had their second week in government and it has been encouraging to note that the issue of getting our salaries in foreign currency at the banks has improved.

Again we have noted the availability of more products from the shops at lower prices than a month ago.
The bright future that we envisage is however being tainted by an increase in the costs of such services as telephone bills, rates and schools.

Because of the past failures of the Zanu PF government, our best hope in seeing these challenges being looked into is through the MDC ministers who are now in government.

These ministers should urgently look into the issue of the city councils charging astronomical rates both for households and business.

This is despite the fact that some households and business properties have gone for days or even weeks without water yet they are being given bills of over US$150.

How did the councils come up with these figures yet people have been failing to get access to clean water?

We know that the Harare City Council inherited the treatment and supply of potable water from an incompetent parastatal, Zinwa and need to be fully operational but they should put the interests of its residents first and look at whether the charges they are giving out are reasonable.

It is also worrying that another parastatal, TelOne has taken advantage of the dollarisation process and is billing its clients out of this world amounts without any reasonable justification.

The MDC ministers should urgently look into this matter as I believe that by charging these amounts some people out there would like to see the inclusive government failing.
Let’s bring transparency back to the country.
Agrippa Zvomuya,

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