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TelOne Customer Service a Disgrace

THIS week marks my first anniversary with a telephone line down and not available.

A report I made at Kuwadzana TelOne Exchange last year is yet to be attended to, several follow up visits and calls were always received with a commitment to come to my home and fix the problem.

I am not sure if TelOne management is aware if  my problem  exists. Staff at the exchange advised me to always pay my monthly fixed rentals or risk losing my line, so I am a paid up customer.

I am waiting to receive my first bill in forex for a non-existent service. I later checked with my neighbours who had faults attended to despite my report being made earlier. 

The technicians need “something”, I was told.

If that is what TelOne needs for a fault to be attended to and rectified, shame on you!

Mundondo K,

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