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MDC Must Sack Indisciplined Bhebhe

IT was quite interesting reading through what Hon Abednico Bhebhe had to say in defence of his appointment by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

One would have also expected the latter to talk to the MDC Mutambara leadership first before going ahead with the appointment of Bhebhe. 

It’s rather bizarre to appoint someone ahead of those of your own party and who does not possess any special or rare skill.

As a disciplined  party cadre the Hon MP was supposed to address his concerns through laid down channels of communication within the MDC instead of trying to ridicule respected party leadership.

He forgets that not all those that win elections are good leaders and those that lose are bad. 

I don’t foresee any member of Zanu PF or MDC-T ridiculing their party leaders in the paper like what Bhebhe has done.

Whether right or wrong such people don’t deserve to be taken seriously, they are just championing obscure agendas.

If I was the leader of that party l would get rid of him no matter how popular he thinks he is; popularity without discipline is useless.

I am sure there is a disciplinary committee that can decisively deal with such even if it means losing that parliamentary seat — let it go.

Gone are the days when leaders’ abilities were gauged by the amount of noise they made.
S Mpofu,

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