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Let’s Take a Cue from Our Tortured History

WHEN the Zanu PF government took over from Ian Smith it did not repeal any of the repressive legislation but continued to use it and added more and more repression onto it largely to maintain power and repress any opposition. Many of the people in power have enriched themselves through the system.

It follows that as the opposition now begins to take power they too could stay with the laws that Zanu PF have created and begin to use them.

It is very notable that when the administrators of those laws change so the direction changes. It is the people who control the administration of those laws that control what happens.

The Herald should change or meet its demise. There is now considerable international focus on the Zimbabwe situation and freedom of the press may well seem to be the order of the day but the existing partisan press has to change or go.

The laws that have been created by one party to suppress another can be used against them as the administration changes.

One has only to look at the regulations that allow for the specification of individuals and the fact that their assets can be confiscated to realise that at some stage this could be used to regain some of the assets that certain individuals have accumulated through illegal or immoral means.

There are any number of Zanu PF people who could be said to have acted inappropriately and may justify being specified. There are many who have gained through the corruption and favours dished out by the party.

There could come a time when Zanu PF would press to cancel or seek amendment to some of the laws that they have introduced and the MDC could just vote against them.

It is unlikely because governments cannot envisage themselves losing power.
W Peters Carreg,
United Kingdom.

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