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Tsvangirai Needs to Avoid Blunders

THE recent arrest of Roy Bennett vindicates the MDC’s assertion of the insincerity of Zanu PF.

The arrest cannot have been an unplanned event. It is a premeditated act designed to reinforce Zanu PF’s dominance. The act will set off a war between the different MDC-T factions.

Those against the inclusive government will accuse Morgan Tsvangirai of having put too much trust in Zanu PF whilst those for the inclusive government will argue that it is better to fight the dictatorship from within.

Fighting the dictatorship from within is the only option left as the AU has made it clear that they are only going to support an all-inclusive government.

That Zanu PF can still arrest Bennett at a time when everyone is preaching reconciliation and forgiveness shows that they are not sincere. If the MDC does not tread carefully Zanu PF will try to consolidate its position by trying to sow divisions.

Whatever positives are to come from the transitional authority will be attributed to the MDC. If Tsvangirai however makes blunders during this time then he will not survive. I urge him to be smart.

The current situation where he makes haphazard appointments –– such as the case of Abednico Bhebhe and Eddie Cross –– only to reverse them will give ammunition to Zanu PF. Remember they still have the Information and Publicity portfolio where they can still distort the news.

The MDC needs to take note that the GNU is just a transitional arrangement which can come to an end any day.



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