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Beware of those Bearing Gifts

AFRICA was born –– the poets say –– when everything was a wasteland  of marsh and moving water! When only the children of lesser gods played on spider webs strung across the void. Millions of years ago, Africa was the cradle of man.

Ever since that time we have blamed our misfortunes on drought, disease, war, sanctions, poverty and our mothers-in-law.  

This is all partly true. But there is no such thing as fate or bad luck. It has been proved time and again that it is individuals and leaders who determine the course of history.

And when those individuals have been emotionally damaged in childhood or have a dysfunctional marital or family relationship, they will lust after power and wealth to compensate for their hidden insecurities thereby ringing incredible suffering to their people.

A sure sign of this is an obstinate leader who bullies and stamps his foot like a child to get his way.

These recidivists are often mesmeric speakers whilst they abduct, torture and murder.

They always seek to blame others for their failures and will never give in. Always thinking of me instead of the greater good.

South Africa and our Sadc neighbours’ self-serving diplomacy was “machiavellied” into bearing gifts for an exhausted Zimbabwe through the transitional unity government.

The next blandishments will include Mercedes Benz–strewn farms and the poisoned chalice of power.

We still have to turn our faces like flint into the wind. And wait for the fat lady to sing.

Paul Tingay,

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