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Bank Charges Shocking


ALLOW me to express my shock and disgust after reading the proposed levies on FCA accounts from banks from the story “Banks set steep FCA charges” in the Zimbabwe Independent (February 13-19 2009).

If those are the charges we are going to be charged then every worker must demand payment in cash from their employer.

We must not allow banks to fleece us whilst our eyes are wide open. Gone are the days when we would be ridden over roughshod! It is time that we stamped our authority.

Banks are there because we can deposit our money with them.

If we cannot deposit then they must go bust.

It’s not like we cannot do without banks.

For the past year we have been doing without banks.

Even today we are not earning in forex but we are buying everything in forex so it means we can keep our own money.

The last time we used banks over the past year was when we were able to burn forex and then use the proceeds to buy groceries via point of sales.

As soon as the facility was closed we just stopped using the banking service.

What stops us from doing the same if we are levied these astronomical charges? I was surprised this week to learn that banks are opening FCA’s on a no questions asked basis.

Were it not for the Zimbabwe Independent story I would have rushed to open my own FCA account immediately.

I propose that we continue keeping our forex under our pillows until sanity is brought into the banking sector.
Glen View

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