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WILL the City of Harare authorities do something to deal with corrupt council employees at Harare gardens. All free public toilets in the garden require payment and the money they get is put into their pockets. Desperate people will end up relieving themselves anywhere in the park thereby creating a cholera risk.
Angry Resident.

CAN Eric Bloch shorten the sentences in his columns please? His writing style is quite an eyefull. Put full stops in these paragraphs.

Majoni in Takavarasha.

WE hope this GNU signifies the end of the political charade we have been witnessing for so many months. The MDC should still be wary of Zanu PF –– it’s still the same vile organisation we have known for years and is not about to become a saint overnight.

THE problem with Arthur Mutambara is that he has refused to grow and develop himself as a leader. Deep down he is still a student activist and I wonder if he will ever be able to become a good national leader.

THE reason why we the youth of Zimbabwe did not revolt against Robert Mugabe’s government is that we love and respect him. We do hope that he will retire gracefully soon. We are grateful for what he has done for the nation. Although I am an MDC-T supporter I still respect him. Only a fool can rub out Mugabe from the history of this great country of ours. Peace Mr President.                                                         Baba Nicole.                                                           

WHAT should be borne in mind by our rulers is the fact that the country benefits from more graduates coming from our universities.  There is a social benefit to the country more than a private benefit to the graduates.
Aggrieved student.

THE world over university education is relatively cheap unlike in Zimbabwe. While I admit that lecturers need to be paid in a stable currency the majority of students cannot afford it.

The government should come in by way of grants, loans and make sure that it follows up on these. Otherwise we will have a generation gap in terms of skills.

I SALUTE the Editor for being a true patriot. Keep it up.

TEACHERS are demanding US$2 200 whilst the doctors are demanding US$4 400. I really wonder if people actually know the true value of the greenback? Very soon a loaf of bread will be going for US$100.
Economist, Harare.

I OFFER my condolences to all the black market money changers. The majority of them are now selling their ill–gotten assets.
Economist, Harare.

IT is quite clear that prices will go up considering that shop licences have been pegged at US$1 200 per year. Retailers are going to pass it on to the already impoverished consumers.
Already poor.

HOW does the Reserve Bank Governor expect non-exporting firms or individuals to participate in the economy? It’s deceitful to set prices for goods or services without creating the means for people to earn. Taxes, fees, rates and licenses are suddenly being charged in currency which we do not earn.

VERY soon we are going to run out of foreign currency in Zimbabwe. The unity government must take note of this because all the rands are going back to South Africa through the importation.
Economist, Harare.

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