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GNU Ought to Address Students’ Plight

THE move by the MDC-T to join the inclusive government is currently at the epicentre of discussions among most Zimbabwean college students.

The GNU deal is decisive in shaping the course of history in Zimbabwe so we expect this deal to be different from the 1978 Muzorewa-Smith alliance or the 1987 Mugabe-Nkomo type of deal.

Admittedly it is a fact that perfect deals are only made in heaven. Moreover, the March 29 elections results should have been used to proportionate power between MDC-T and Zanu PF.

There is hope however in the GNU –– that it will create democratic space for fair elections. Also as students we are optimistic that when the MDC-T joins the GNU it will not suckle the political mammary glands, of the incumbent government, which comprise colostrums tainted with corruption.

The GNU policies should be replete with fountains of egalitarian justice and democracy. I am referring to democratisation of state institutions like the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

On February 3 2009, 80 students were unlawfully detained for engaging in a peaceful protest against the dollarisation of fees. This amply demonstrated egregious student rights infringements. Dollarisation of fees is a bitter pill to swallow and is detrimental to the interests and well-being of students.

We expect the GNU’s policies to gravitate favourably towards the students’ interests and for the astuteness to put words into practice. In the same vein the GNU should work along with the students and work to invest in their success.

I conclude by asserting that the hope in the success of the GNU will not constrict students from crusading against the dollarisation of college fees. The students shall carry the struggle for accessibility and affordability of education until it is resolved.

Kapuya T,
UZ .

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