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City’s Roads in Deplorable State

RESIDENTS of Harare are not happy with the state of our roads which have become deplorable and a death snare to both pedestrians and motorists.

Most roads in the city centre as well as the city’s suburbs are littered with potholes that have grown deeper with the rainy season.

The Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) has been inundated with reports from disappointed residents who have complained that the potholes are causing road accidents which could be avoidable.

The pathetic state of the roads reflects the deterioration of municipal service delivery as a result of several years of maladministration of the city by illegal Zanu PF appointed commissions.

The Harare City Council has come into office faced with a mammoth task of dealing with the damage that was done by the Commission to the city’s infrastructure.

The city’s roads are in need of urgent renovation. Furthermore, the sides of most roads in the city are lined with tall grass and street lighting in most high-density suburbs is almost non-existent.

The City of Harare has not cut grass in most areas since the onset of the rainy season and this has created a safe hiding place for robbers who waylay unsuspecting pedestrians during the night.

This problem has also been exacerbated by the poor street lighting in the city.

CHRA is cognisant of the fact that the economic and political environment that the country is currently going through is not favourable for effective municipal service delivery but the Council should make efforts to attend to critical areas like improving the state of the roads and reviving a competent street lighting system so as to cushion residents against road accidents and robberies.

Council should also seek other avenues to get revenue to improve service delivery rather than concentrating on the ratepayers’ money only.

CHRA believes that Council projects can be on a better footing if the city fathers seek the involvement and financial contributions from corporate businesses that are interested in giving back to the community.  

Corporate businesses are an important stakeholder in social service delivery and the Council should ensure their maximum participation in project planning and implementation.

CHRA will continue to be a watchdog of the City of Harare’s operations and also advocate for quality municipal service delivery and the delivery of other social services.

Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA)

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