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Zimbabwe’s Future Belongs to Everyone

WHAT has destroyed Zimbabwe is a leadership that has a tendency to prevaricate on the pertinent issues and which is not guided by any principles.

We have a leadership devoid of even a tinge of conscience, a leadership that has no vision and which fails to position itself into the future.

This has been our greatest problem, coupled with the fact that dictators have been created by us the people.

The same brush that has been used by the democracy lobbyists to paint an angelic figure out of Morgan Tsvangirai was once used on Robert Mugabe in the 1980s.

I pray that Zimbabweans will emerge wiser out of this crisis. It is unfortunate, that even the democracy crusaders are intolerant and are the most tribally motivated. They are worse than the system they claim to fight.

However in Zimbabwe the call for reason has triumphed.  Morgan Tsvangirai  had to make a bold decision and stop prevaricating –– of course after serious pressure from some Sadc leaders.

The future of Zimbabwe belongs to everyone, regardless of whether one is MDC-T, MDC-M, Zanu PF, Zapu, ZIP Nagg, Zupco or whatever. It is the future we should all cherish and the solution to our problem lies with Zimbabweans.

Brilliant Mhlanga,
United Kingdom.

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