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THE recent increase in subscriptions at city council libraries are a ripoff. At US$50 for six months subscription, the libraries are set to lose the membership they claim to represent. Shame on you.

I APPRECIATE the fact that Sadc leaders worked together as one, made an effort and committed their time in an effort to effect positive change in Zimbabwe. I also thank Thabo Mbeki for his diplomacy in spite of the fact that the MDC-T felt that he took sides.                                                                     United we stand, Bulawayo.

WHILST the MDC is clearly willing to help end the suffering of its supporters and the rest of Zimbabwe, the same cannot be said of Zanu PF. It is not Morgan Tsvangirai who keeps saying “never” this “never” that.

IN every battle, there comes a phase when hand-to-hand combat is called for. I believe that time has arrived in the Zimbabwean struggle. The MDC has now entered ground zero to eyeball their opponents. May The Force be with you!
Big Fish.

WE are tired of eloquent speeches and articles. Twenty-eight years of them have not helped our nation. We need active, positive work to move forward.

IT is very easy to criticise the decision that the MDC has made to join the GNU. What this agreement does is that it gives people hope –– a scarce commodity in Zimbabwe. It might be true that the West which is rightly angry with Robert Mugabe may decide to withhold their purse strings but the agreement gives the people of Zimbabwe the willpower to roll up their sleeves again and go back to work. This to me is more important than all the aid in the world.

THE decision made by the MDC to be part of the GNU is the right one at this point and needs to be used strategically to continue pushing towards their road map. Even for a group of people as arrogant as those in Zanu PF, it will be difficult to continue abusing people with the MDC breathing down their neck.

LET’S all rebuild Zimbabwe. All politicking and bickering should be a thing of the past. We need production to begin again in the industries and well-organised farming. That should be your priority Morgan Tsvangirai.
FOR a party as narcissistic as Zanu PF to even contemplate a GNU with a sworn enemy like the MDC, is a clear acknowledgement of the relevance of the MDC and consequently the former’s irrelevance in solving Zimbabwe’s current problems.
It is therefore important for the MDC to preserve their relevance and continue to represent the will of the people.
Political Analyst.

ARTHUR Mutambara is nothing more than Robert Mugabe’s lackey. A Johnny come lately who has conveniently forgotten that he has no mandate whatsoever to talk about how the country should be governed. He needs to remember that people need to vote for him first, which I doubt will ever happen. He should abandon the farce and join Zanu PF where he belongs.

THERE is a groundswell of demands to lift the targeted sanctions against Zanu PF officials. These sanctions should not be lifted. The pressure for these abusers of human rights must not be reduced. If the individual sanctions are removed, they must be substituted with warrants of arrest.

THE words sovereignty and patriotism have lost their meaning when making it through the day calls for celebration for the average Zimbabwean. We cannot contain the cholera disease on our own, our “money” is now completely useless and now we are required to use US dollars (the money of the imperialists) we do not have. Those who still want to rule and earn our respect better reverse all their damaging policies that have made our country hell on earth.                                                                                      Petrified.

THE government should expect to be paid back in the same form or currency the taxpayer’s wages are paid in. If you give coupons as remuneration, expect coupons back.

HOW can we pay taxes when we do not produce anything in US dollars. We should reduce taxes, not raise them.

As long as the destructive policies that have caused the economic hemorrhage are not reversed, any talk from Zanu PF of economic recovery will result in failure again.

THE MDC need to rise above the circumstances and show the people how different their leadership style is from that of Zanu PF.

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