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KMFS to host Roundtable to Discuss Economic Environment

KM FINANCIAL Solutions (KMFS) will this year organise the 2009 Chief Executive Officer’s roundtable which brings together about 200 top decision makers in Zimbabwe to discuss the country’s economic environment and the way forward.

The forum, which will bring together over 200 top decision makers in Zimbabwe will be held on February 19 at a local hotel and is designed to assist business leaders in their preparation for what is expected to be an eventful year.

Chairman and Chief Financial Architect for KM Financial Solutions, Kenias Mafukidze yesterday said the forum will present an opportunity for business leaders to come up with measures which will improve the country’s economic performance.

“It (forum) is coming at a crucial time when a new government would have been sworn in. Business and government should have a common goal is all that will be discussed is to materialise,” said Mafukidze.

Mafukidze said for the unprepared Zimbabwean businessman, the year 2009 threatens to be unpredictable, fast changing and unforgiving. A banking crisis global in scale, local political uncertainty, record inflation running in the billions and near absence of consumer demand.

“As KMFS, having studied and researched on a number of sectors in Zimbabwe, we thrust into 2009 with conviction that this year will be crucial for those companies that intend to survive beyond the current crisis and drive the revival of the Zimbabwean economy,” he said.

Mafukidze said over the past decade of economic decline, the world has watched in disbelief as Zimbabwean industry continued to adapt and show incredible initiative in surviving the immense socio-economic pressures which have prevented the economy from grinding out to a complete halt.

“For a company to survive though, it is important that it be well equipped and plugged into the local and global environment at the highest level. The best way to predict the future is to create it,” Mafukidze said.

Mafukidze said as transaction advisors and arrangers, KMFS has structured the event so to encourage consummation of deals leveraging off international financiers who have pledged interest in our economy.

The country has over the past ten years been experiencing a steady uninterrupted economic decline which has resulted in all major sectors of the economy being depressed as business and government failed to find a solution to the business sector’s woes.


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