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MUCH as we may criticise the West (or anybody else for that matter), the saddest point of our situation is that repression is on full throttle in Zimbabwe. We have failed as a nation to resolve our issues on our own.

Before we denounce Sadc, the AU and  Western countries let’s take the blame first. After that we should humble ourselves instead of constantly irritating other nations about our perceived high literacy rate. If we have this condescending attitude towards everybody else it really exposes the fact that we don’t have what we claim to possess, or are unable to apply the “education” to resolve our own problems


FUNNY how the government chants the “Zimbabwe will never be a colony again” line whist they rush to dollarise the Zimbabwean currency.

THE problem for the Zanu PF-led government is that they have dollarised the economy without any dollars. Maybe President Robert Mugabe should talk to his North Korean friends –– I am told they have a fine reputation for printing US dollars.

THERE are at least four presidential aspirants opposed to the sitting one. Why should it always be Morgan Tsvangirai who is said to be missing the point, missing opportunities.

SIMBA Makoni has lost a lot of goodwill over his silence since the March 2008 elections. Whether his silence was caused by the rejection he was subjected to by the electorate is subject for debate. For someone who claims to have the interests of the people at heart his silence over the suffering that people have endured is deafening. Is he sure that he is not equally guilty of the same crime that he accuses Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai of; being power hungry?

SIMBA Makoni is just a typical Zanu PF politician. He entered the March 2008 presidential election to split the vote in Robert Mugabe’s favour. Unfortunately people like Arthur Mutambara were unable to see through this and that’s why they blindly rushed to throw their support for him.

PLEASE advise Tendai Biti to use simple English when writing his articles such as last week’s Candid Comment. We cannot move around carrying dictionaries you know.
Mr Moyo.

SADC want the MDC to agree to form the unity government and sort out the out standing issues later. Do they really believe that once the unity government is formed and Robert Mugabe has achieved his wish of being the “legitimate” head of state that he would then be prepared to concede anything at all. I doubt it!
Lundi, Bulawayo.

A CATASTROPHIC impasse continues in Zimbabwe and players in the GNU talks are failing to resolve a simple issue: power sharing. A recent ignominious statement by Zanu PF claims MDC is to blame and vice versa. The people of Zimbabwe need to know the facts. The mediators have been apportioned responsibility for the eclipse of these talks. We need people who are candid and who can tell the world who is fooling who and denying Zimbabweans the right to live again.                                                  IHZ Isanetics.

WHO is not putting the people’s interest first? Is it not the regime that has looted and turned this economy into their personal bank account? Zanu PF and its surrogates should leave Morgan Tsvangirai alone.
Observer, Harare.

I WAS shocked by the outrageous bill I got from Firstel. Imagine spending seven days without any network, only to get a 10–day bill of US$347. Can they explain?
Aired off.

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