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Who Stole my Tobacco?

IN 2007–2008 I decided to invest in growing tobacco.

This was my very first crop. I managed to reap 2 250 kgs. This was sold at the Tobacco Auctions between June and October 2008 allegedly for US$8 206.

However in terms of Zimbabwe dollars I received a total of Z$1 103 757.43.  I was unable to buy anything with these Zim dollars, although realising that the devaluation rate was very high, I had made plans to purchase some equipment and inputs for the farm.

  There was nothing to be bought. And  today this money in my bank is totally worthless. It is now worth less than US 1 cent.  I had borrowed a total of US$5 800 for the crop.

Like so many other small farmers I lost my entire investment. I am speaking on behalf of all the small farmers who, like me, lost their money. I was too small and too new to get inputs from a big multinational tobacco company.

Now the question is “Who stole my tobacco?” My workers and I slaved over this crop, and we lost everything. Was it the Reserve Bank that stole the money?  Was it the government that stole the money? Who stole this money? We need an answer.

Fay Chung,

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