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We Need Unity of Purpose as a Nation

IN light of the fact that US president Barack Obama –– a black American whose father came from Africa ––  has ascended to become the president of the United States of America, I pose the question;  can we have a white president in Africa at any given time who can be accepted in the same way as the Americans did Obama?

What lessons can we learn from this historic moment? I believe Obama has helped unite the whole world and I believe that the time has come that we also should consider an African white person as a possible candidate for high office despite the wounds of the colonial era.

In Zimbabwe we have patriotic white people and also those who remain entrenched in the ideologies of the past which is also the case in black people.

We thus should have a sense of oneness and must understand the difference between national and party interests.

Naturally at any given time a particular political party will be in power and they must understand how to conduct themselves at party level and government level.

The government of the day is there to serve everyone including opposition parties. Likewise the opposition must understand the need to respect the government of the day and contribute to nation building rather than sabotaging government initiatives.

There are times we need to get united for our nation regardless of political affiliation. We know that during election periods we can campaign for different parties but after that we should focus on nation building.

We do not need Sadc, AU or even the UN to build our nation when we have the land. We should make good use of it –– let us not steal what is meant for building our nation.

We can agree to disagree on a number of issues but at the end of the day we stand as one unit. We don’t need to fight each other or call each other names as we need to eat from one plate.

 Our roads, health, and education sectors are in disarray. Zimbabweans therefore need to be united and learn to consult among ourselves before we implement major issues.

Let’s work together. We have the brainpower to do it.
P Ngwarati,

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