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Sadc Leaders Culpable in Zim Collapse

THERE are reports that the European Union has extended the list of Zimbabweans who are deemed to be Robert Mugabe’s allies to be banned from travelling to EU countries.

Perhaps the EU could consider imposing those travel bans on some of these Sadc leaders and their foreign ministers because they are the ones who are truly Mugabe’s allies and are propping him up.

The so called Sadc-mediated talks are a complete farce meant to keep Mugabe in power. There is enough evidence to show that the Sadc leaders are not serious with Mugabe and his cronies.

For the suffering caused to the peace loving people of Zimbabwe and destroying such a once vibrant economy as this one, those Sadc leaders should be held collectively accountable together with Mugabe.

The Sadc leaders are well aware that the people of Zimbabwe have voted Mugabe out of power on numerous occasions.

Besides, Mugabe has shown total contempt for Sadc itself except where he feels they are on his side.

Recently the Sadc tribunal ruled against the Zimbabwe government, on the land grab issue. Yet Mugabe and his cronies have defied that ruling and even insulted that Sadc tribunal.

Worse still, the very Sadc observer mission was dismayed at the level of brutality unleashed at innocent civilians leading up to the farcical Presidential run off elections of June 27 to the point of labeling the one-man race a nullity, and declaring Mugabe as illegitimate. Why then are they not taking a more stern action against him?

 To add insult to injury, Mugabe has violated the goodwill he was supposed to convey inherent in the GPA which was signed on September 15 in many ways, and yet the Sadc leaders turn a blind eye to these issues and try to portray Morgan Tsvangirai as the unreasonable one.

Do they have an ounce of conscience in their veins? It boggles the mind. Why then did they pretend to the world that they would tackle the Zimbabwe issue when they know pretty well that they are not prepared to deal with the actual cause of the problem??

 I know there are those who may think this proposal to be too extreme. But in reality I believe that it’s about time the world took action against those leaders who protect and defend dictatorships.


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