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We Expect Better Coverage

I APPRECIATE your quest to provide us with news that is accurate and up-to-date with regards to the Zimbabwean situation.

However, you are found wanting on the issue of your coverage of the impasse between the MDC and Zanu PF. All we read are analysts predicting doom to the MDC-T if it does not join the government regardless of the fact that it is getting a raw deal.

We must not forget that the MDC is the party that won the credible elections of March 29.

I visited the MDC website and found an opinion poll in which 52% of the 21 599 respondents stated that Morgan Tsvangirai must not join the GNU. 48% said he must.

I wonder why you do not factor in opinion polls in articles. When the US presidential election race was in full swing your columnists factored in results from opinion polls describing George Bush’s unpopularity.

It is my belief that Bush is a true champion of democracy. He is the one along with his father who did something to end the atrocities Saddam Hussein was perpetrating when the rest of the world had a business as usual approach to the catastrophe.

The conflict in Iraq is a result of those who were feeding from Saddam’s patronage. The fruit of US invasion can be witnessed in northern Iraq where the Kurds welcomed the intervention.

The area has witnessed phenomenal growth after the removal of Saddam while the militias in Tikrit blast each other senselessly.

Can we then say it was better to have a tyrant because of the actions of a few?

Glen View.

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