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MDC divisions: A typical Herald Work of Fiction

THE Zanu PF-controlled Herald newspaper has climbed laughable heights in alleging non-existent divisions within the leadership of the MDC.

Since Saturday, the Herald has engaged in cheap propaganda about the so-called divisions within the top ranks of the ruling party.

Zimbabweans will not be hoodwinked by shrill propaganda from a discredited newspaper. Since Saturday, the allegations have ranged from false stories that the MDC secretary-general, Tendai Biti, is plotting to oust resident Morgan Tsvangirai to laughable claims that the MDC president has summoned the top leadership of the party to South Africa to mend non-existent rifts within the top hierarchy of the party.

Zimbabweans know that the only political divisions that exist are in Zanu PF where succession disputes and factionalism are a reality and not fiction.

For the record, the MDC president and all members of the party’s standing committee, including Biti, were elected for five-year terms at the MDC Congress on Sunday, March 19, 2006 and their terms expire in 2011.

There is no reason why the MDC secretary-general, himself a lawyer of unquestioned repute and a key figure in the drafting of the MDC Constitution, would wish for an illegal congress in February 2009.

Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the MDC would know that Eddie Cross is the Policy Co-ordinator-General and not the party’s financial advisor as peddled by the Herald.

The lies are too threadbare, indeed too naked to be taken seriously by the discerning people of Zimbabwe who overwhelmingly voted for the MDC on March 29, 2008.

It is common cause that several resolutions by the MDC national council have reiterated the fact that all outstanding issues have to be resolved before the party can become part of the inclusive government.

These resolutions, including those of the last National Council held in Kadoma on Friday, December 12 2008, have been unanimous.

This means there are no divisions within the party; the party has one position regarding the issue of the inclusivegovernment.

No amount of propaganda against the MDC and its leadership will improve the waning political fortunes of Zanu PF.

No prophets of doom will be able to bring ill-luck to the people’s project.  The people are sovereign. The people’s will shall prevail.

MDC Information and Publicity Department

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