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EDITOR: why do you not have a more comprehensive classified ads page as most other newspapers do? Correct this issue.
Reader, Rusape.

OVER 1 000 people killed in 17 days in Gaza and over 2 000 people have died in Zimbabwe from cholera. Whether people are being killed by phosphorous bombs or a medieval bacteria human life is being played around with by these politicians. The world must stop these evil tyrants.

WHERE was Britain and America when Gukurahundi was battering people in Matabeleland and Midlands? Can we trust them to be our saviours now? I am definitely not impressed by their antics.
E Ndlovu, Bulawayo.

THE Ministry of Education must accept reality and take responsibility for neglecting the welfare of teachers and for not reforming the inefficient Zimsec. The warning signs were flashing as early as 2003.
Irate Parent.

WITH the legalising of the use of the South African rand and United States dollar in Zimbabwe it certainly means that this colony will never be a country again. We have now become the northern province of South Africa. Give us a break!
Analyst, Masvingo.

EVERYTHING is now pegged in foreign currency except the worker’s salary. Gideon Gono should stop pretending as if he has a plan to extricate us from this disaster. He should just swallow his pride and quit. Failure is not an option but a reality.

SCHOOLS and hospitals remain closed, inflation is at a record high, monetary transactions are now almost exclusively in foreign currency and a third of the populace has now emigrated to foreign lands. In the midst of all this someone has the temerity to state that “Zimbabwe will never collapse”.
J, Marondera.

WHILST one would appreciate that there needs to be sanity in the charging of school fees, the government has shown once again its shortsightedness by not coming up with a school fees structure plan in good time. They now want to deliberate upon it when we are already in January and when schools should have been opened.

ROBERT Mugabe must just go now.
Taneta, Harare.

MORGAN Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe are all the same. They all pursue personal power and not to serve the people.  Removing Mugabe would only be changing a prison officer but we would still be in jail.
Sebele woMzansi, Bulawayo.

IS it not proper to agree to the rules that govern a soccer game before playing instead of creating rules when the game is in full swing? So Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe should clear all outstanding issues before kick off. To demand for a penalty when it had not been included in the rules would be a naïve expectation from an untrustworthy rival. The referee would then be the Constitution.
Zwai, Masvingo.

I WOULD greatly appreciate it if Morgan Tsvangirai would come out clearly as to where he stands on the envisaged power sharing government. Instead of hearing from the horse’s mouth we are bombarded by nonsensical analyses from so-called political commentators from both the state and private media who are completely clueless about what is going on but want to pretend otherwise. We would rather hear from Tsvangirai for whom we voted for and come to our own conclusions and not have an interpretation shoved down our throats.

NEXT elections we should not vote for either MDC-T or Zanu PF. They are both responsible for our suffering and are all dictators. Let us be warned!
KaGatsheni, Bulawayo.

THE diatribe we are subjected to on national radio and television is totally sickening to say the least. Sinister characters purporting to be political analysts make comments on the political situation that are totally uncomplimentary and sow seeds of division in our nation. They vituperate the opposition in a manner that even fools cannot comprehend. They are dishing out ideological cholera and Zimbabweans should wash their ears and ignore them, as better days are ahead.

JORAM Nyathi should not be given any space in your paper to write Zanu PF propaganda. It would be better if that space were allocated to Sudoku.
Y M, Bulawayo.

WE always talk of freedom of speech and democracy but want to gag Arthur Mutambara and Joram Nyathi for telling it as it is. Hypocricy isn’t it?
Ndlovenkulu, Bulawayo.

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