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Forced Closure of Private Schools Deplorable

THE delay in the opening of private schools with the threat that any school that defies the order would face the imprisonment of their heads is an incomprehensible action that defies all logic.

In 2008, children attending state controlled and managed schools were virtually denied any formal education because of the collapse of the system due to shortages of teaching staff and teaching materials.

What learning was achieved was due to the Herculean efforts of parents who dug deep to feed children in school hostels and to augment teacher salaries.

The only sectors that worked consistently and were able to maintain a high standard of education were the small number of private schools where parents fund their children’s education completely.

Despite constant harassment by the Minister of Education, these schools have been able to pay reasonable salaries to staff and maintain their standards.

Under these circumstances it is an act of folly to stop the private schools, where parents have already paid their fees, teachers are ready to start teaching and in some cases children had already started to arrive at schools for the new term.

This action will cost the private schools many millions of dollars and the children vital weeks of learning.

Eddie Cross,

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