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A Good People Turned Crooks

CIRCUMSTANCE has transformed the whole nation of Zimbabwe into dealers, conmen and crooks, whose numbness and shark-like instincts have long undone any elementary appreciation for the requisite basics and dictates necessary for growing or sustaining a country.  

Crazed blind bulls in a china shop   sums up the scenario. It is however not by design and definitely not by choice.

The object of this letter is not to offend fellow Zimbabweans, far from it. It is instead to give a brief insight into an invaluable aspect of the unexplored immediate aftermath of the formation of an “all-inclusive” government.

The greatest drawback to the anticipated redemption of the Zimbabwean economy is the Zimbabwean people themselves!

So irretrievably entrenched in the  convolution of  rogue informal trading, dealing, taking advantage and siphoning –– it will take at least a generation for the country to come up with citizens sober and fit for meaningful contribution to real extrication of this dead economy from its predicament.

Citizens who will realise one and one will always make two no matter who you are or who you know!
A mere change of government will surely be exposed as meaningless and valueless in bringing about any relief in the coming Zimbabwe.

Far more damage has been done to people’s livelihoods and routines for this simple and over celebrated prescription to bring about a cure or a turnaround of fortunes.

For instance, who in their right mind would opt for a formal job for a fraction of what they used to make from a two hour deal at a street corner? Would you?

Change will take much, much more. It will take a new people with new ideologies, a total reprogramming of minds and a completely new leadership.

A leadership not moulded in the press of persecution and struggle against a dictatorship and coming out dictators themselves.  

Leaders without scars that constantly remind them of how grateful the rest of us have to be to them for ‘’liberating’’ us. Champions of human rights with magnanimity to appreciate all people’s equality in their need to be accorded access to opportunity and personal advancement.

It will take a lot more than the euphoric song and dance that characterised the end of the war in the bush as opportunistic thugs went on an orgy plundering our resources while our guardians let go of the economic reins the ousted white colonialists had meticulously set up.

This has thrown the country into an irretrievable tailspin that has led us to where we find ourselves today. A place where even the greenback tumbles in value.

Perhaps we should stop fighting this reality with our ridiculously inflated national ego.

We should perhaps accept the current state of affairs as our real identity and stop masquerading as the educated and gifted people capable of turning the country around, which in itself is very doubtful.

We should probably erase the sweet memories of the past Zimbabwe and  acknowledge it was nothing but a fading and passing shadow of the great Rhodesia whose complex maintenance was and still remains unfortunately beyond our scope.

Concerned Doctor,

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