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Prospects For New Year Grim As Economy Continues To Slide

THE New Year has come and under normal circumstances there would be a lot of expectations for the coming year. Due to the current situation in this country one hopes for less misery and suffering in the New Year.


We are now tired and worn out by what is happening in this country and I am now losing hope as the pain is unbearable.

It is however difficult to be hopeful for a better 2009 when we do not have a functioning government in place. Because no plan for extricating us from this quagmire we are in can be set in motion the deterioration is likely to continue.

The cost of living is incredibly high, so much so that it is only by God’s grace that we manage to survive. Transport operators are charging exorbitant fares; it seems like they are increasing the fares by the hour.

It has become commonplace that a whole month’s salary might fail to cover a day’s transport costs.

Why must there be restrictions on the amount of money one should get from the banks? Right now it is even useless to go to the banks because the amount which one is given is inconsequential because it has been rendered useless.

Whilst the politicians are enjoying themselves the general public is suffering and the question I pose to them is where all this is taking us. Because of these selfish individuals we now all have to suffer.

Ultimately it seems that the reason we are celebrating this New Year is only because we have entered the New Year alive. Meanwhile the situation is getting worse by the day.

Concerned Citizen,

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