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ROBERT Mugabe compares Zimbabwe’s cholera outbreak to the pig infection and mad cow disease in Europe. Infection to animals and human beings… do they compare? He is not serious at all.
Tiisetso, Beitbridge.

IT’S time to say enough is enough to Robert Mugabe. If the so called power-sharing talks fail, elections should follow since we cannot be held at ransom by a man whom we told to go peacefully in 2002 and March 2008.
Tendai, Mutare.

ZIMBABWE will never be a colony again but we must use the US dollar and not our Zimbabwean dollar. We do not need outsiders for help unless they support Zanu PF.

I LIVED in Harare before Independence and the streets were swept and rubbish collected daily. The problem now is that cleaning streets is an event rather than a continuous process.

How can the so called mediator be taken seriously when he exclusively takes offence at Tsvangirai’s “lack of respect for Sadc heads” and yet keeps quite when Didymus Mutasa labels the same Sadc “day dreamers” for ruling in favour of white farmers?
T Bingepinge, Harare.

I beg to differ with those who argue that Tsvangirai is pushing his luck too far. We should learn from the Lancaster House Agreement to see the effects of rushed or incomplete agreements. Farm invasions for instance could have been avoided if it had fully dealt with such issues.
Wamwano, Zengeza 2.

CAN somebody tell Thabo Mbeki that he should learn to be original because his  letter in which he blasted MDC-T sounds like something we have been hearing for eight years now?  Mbeki should spare  us the tired lecture which has revealed what many have always suspected, that he is not an honest broker.
Native Intelligence.
FUNNY how the Sadc delegation were hailed for their one-day situation assessment, a feat the Elders were told is impossible.

THE reactions to the so-called Western led invasion of Zimbabwe are quite interesting. But they seem to fail to understand the underlying cause of Zimbabwe’s problems; leadership failure in the Zanu PF led government and not cholera. This failure has brought a lot of suffering which now threatens our peaceful existence. The recent army riots are an example.

JORAM Nyathi’s Candid column reflects objective, mature and principled journalism. An invasion of Zimbabwe by UN or any other force is not in the interest of Zimbabwe. Let’s focus on finding a solution to the cholera and hunger.
Mavase, Zvishavane.

JORAM Nyathi should do the right thing and just join Zanu PF and stop acting as a political analyst. You do a very good job in selling Zanu PF propaganda.
I Nyakudya.

JORAM Nyathi is clearly rabidly bigoted. His articles are unduly anti-Western and are not objective. He is no different from Nathaniel Manheru.
Idaz, Harare.

ZIMBABWEANS would prefer to suffer with no deal than accept a bad power-sharing deal. We are sick and tired of analysts who pretend to have the people at heart.
Taneta J.

ZANU PF propaganda continues to defy science. It does not have even a morsel of respect for the force of gravity as it keeps on going up and up. It is conspicuous to all and sundry that times have changed and no amount of the same egregious proportions can alter that fact. They don’t think twice about insulting people’s conscience not withstanding Muckracker has given free lessons as to the number one rule in politics: never insult the voters. I wish that they would learn!
Albert Ndagurwa, Mutare.

ZANU PF has been in power for 28 years destroying the economy. They cannot purport to be bringing anything new this time around. They just must go.

NO sudoku for last week’s edition? You have at least one less leader.

THE late ambuya Mlambo left an indelible mark on the entire nation. She moulded God-fearing, respectful and righteous youths. To many she deserved a place at the national shrine.

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