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YOUR crossword puzzles are too Euro-centric. Can you make an effort to make the content more global?

SO Robert Mugabe is now giving the MDC an ultimatum to comply with a half-baked agreement? I believe that the MDC should not be pestered in their decisions especially by a man whose own decisions have made Zimbabwe disintegrate since 1980. Tsvangirai should agree to a deal that is practically workable.
Sphinx J, Bindura.

IS Robert Mugabe still in total control? I think not! Rampaging soldiers, a cholera epidemic exposing his disastrous policies –– and now he has to ask for help from abroad –– an economy on a free fall and lastly (but not least) despite parading himself as a winner he still has not instituted a government!
Tonderai, Dzivarasekwa.

HOW many more Zimbabweans must die of curable diseases such as cholera and suffer from malnutrition? How many Zimbabweans must vote with their feet in emigrating from Zimbabwe before Zanu PF realises that it is way past its expiry date?

BOTH Morgan Tsvangirai and Robert Mugabe are useless because they have allowed us to suffer with hunger. Come elections in five years people will definitely vote for a third force, probably Simba Makoni or whoever will be the next opposition.

WHY are people like Thabo Mbeki and The Post of Zambia (Zimbabwe Independent December 5, Tsvangirai pushing his luck too far) busy lambasting Tsvangirai? Instead they should knock sense into Mugabe and Zanu PF. If they want to know who carries the real mandate of the people they should poll even a small cross-section of Zimbabweans and it will be evident.


IT is a travesty of Himalayan proportions in my view that Thabo Mbeki and The Post of Zambia are saying that Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC-T must subject themselves to what they call “African solutions”. This is a fallacy when most African leaders, namely
Omar Bongo, Muammar Qaddafi, Hosni Mubarak to name a few,
consider the word democracy to
be a dirty word. We want true democracy in Zimbabwe and the majority in Zimbabwe are behind Tsvangirai.

WHEN Didymus Mutasa insults the Sadc Tribunal on the land judgement does that portray your “African” culture and values Thabo Mbeki? Mugabe lost in March and needs to accept this reality and you should assist him to get to grips with that fact.
Future elder.

THABO Mbeki is an accomplice to the chaos that reigns in Zimbabwe. Mbeki has deliberately misled the world as to the plight of Zimbabweans. Morgan Tsvangirai is the people’s leader.
Stanley Tapfumaneyi Tapera, Harare.

CAN you believe that buses from our rural area of Zhombe are now accepting goats and chickens as bus fare? God help us all, somebody is dragging us back to the stone age barter system.

JORAM Nyathi seems to have lost the plot in the sanctions issue. They were brought about  by the brutalisation of the opposition by the Zanu PF regime. So the international community could not stand and watch as if nothing was going on. Sanctions are the just dessert.

GOD is not all blind that he cannot see the wickedness amongst us. He will bring to book all those who choose the path of brutality. Politicians should turn their hearts to God; you are not too far removed from God to repent your sins. He can still forgive you.
Knowledge Munenge.

I AM trying to trace my roots and place of origin and require assistance in that regard. Our family surname is Ngungumbana, my first name is Mkhonji. Fasi, Motase, Makhaya, Dumase, Mphaanle and Sokoambata are the names of my fellow family members. Most of our elders died when I was young and I have had no chance to get the details of my ancestry from them. Anyone with knowledge about the aforementioned names and their roots should kindly shed light to me on this number 023 392 887 or through my favourite weekly newspaper, the Zimbabwe Independent.
Mkhonji Ngungumbana.

WHO is to blame for the increase in the prices of goods charged in foreign currency? What is causing this?

CONGRATULATIONS to Gideon Gono for a new five-year term. He must be given the time and opportunity to watch as the zeros keep growing and growing.

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