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Time For Govt To Bring ‘bombers’ To Book

THE Zanu PF regime is appealing to the public to come up with information that might lead to the arrest of the perpetrators of the recent spate of bombings that have occured in Harare.

However, the same regime while failing to arrest these culprits says that it has information that the MDC is training its members in banditry in Botswana.

What makes this interesting  is that the same institution that is claiming to be very efficient in unearthing sabotage in the country is failing to bring the culprits of the recent bombings to book but is coming up with falsehoods in order to tarnish the image of the MDC.

Key government institutions including the Harare Central Police Station and CID headquarters have been targeted in recent months.

Meanwhhile the MDC is claiming that over 10 of its members including a two-year child have been in police custody following arrests that they were planning to do banditry acts in country.

The police should stop arresting innocent people such as a two-year old child. They should get their act together and bring those people who are causing this mayhem to book before they really cause damage to the innocent people of Zimbabwe.

Aggripa Zvomuya,

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