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HOSPITALS are closed, schools are closed, banks have no cash, formal business is closed, there is no electricity, no water, no skilled personnel, and no functional government. I then wonder what next we need not have for us to be defined as a collapsed state.

Cde Alex, Chinhoyi.

“NATHANIEL Manheru” faces a Herculean task in his efforts to sell a president who has failed for the past 10 years. There is absolutely no prospect of improvement.


GREETINGS to Professor Jonathan Moyo, we are missing your articles in the Zimbabwe Independent.

Nkiwane, Bulawayo.

THOSE who denounce Kofi Annan, Graça Machel and former president Jimmy Carter are trying to hide their deplorable deeds and have an inert guilty conscience. If their ways are circumspect why can’t they let their light shine for all men to see? People are suffering and dying because of the generic crises in Zimbabwe and we cannot pretend otherwise.


MUTAMBARA should just remain quiet if he has nothing useful to say. How can he say on Studio 7 that he was surprised by government’s refusal to have Kofi Annan and the Elders visit yet he was at the forefront of defending Sadc’s decision to let Mugabe have the Home Affairs ministry when it is the ministry which controls immigration?

Analyst, Glenview.

JACOB Zuma’s idea to send an ANC team to assess the humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is misplaced as everyone knows what is going on here. Odinga’s plan to send troops is also wrong as we are not at war. Instead the two must help Khama pressure Sadc and AU leaders to act on Mugabe.

Llodza, Glenview.

READINESS for equitable distribution of power in current Zimbabwe talks on the part of the MDC describes a party which is inclined to respect the people’s will and the contrast is also true in the case of Zanu PF. The agreement cannot be the panacea to Zimbabwe’s problems, but only through an unequivocal commitment to democracy by all parties to the agreement.

Suffer continue.

IF failure was measured in litres Zanu PF would score in mega-litres. It’s the best failed party in modern history.


MBEKI must know that the Sandton verdict was very disastrous –– hence the strong response made by Tsvangirai.

Albert Ndagurwa, Mutare.

MORGAN Tsvangirai once said we will become a nation of beggars and scavengers and the government was extremely angry that he should dare say this. Well, how prophetic, just look at us now.

Lundie, Bulawayo.

WHEN hospitals are closed, ARV’s are scarce, cholera wreaks havoc and people are starving to death while many flee their homeland due to an intolerant government. Is this not a form of genocide? God forbid!

Observer, Chinhoyi.

HEALTH for all by 2000! was the ever repeated government slogan. Nearly eight years later, many hospitals and clinics have closed and those remaining have an acute shortage of drugs, doctors and nurses.

Goddie, Bindura

GONO’S reappointment must surely rank first in our 2008 Annus horribilis.


THE zeros came and he chopped them and yet still more came. Gono is trying to battle zeros whilst at the same time manically printing more “money”.


THE story of the cars which were allegedly given to CZI by Gideon Gono must be investigated and written about. How can he give CZI cars whilst teachers have no pay and yet he claims to have the nation at heart? He is giving us a raw deal — the money they get cannot even buy an envelope which is costing $5 million.

Nkulumani, Mutere.

ZOU is milking its students! Every now and then they are demanding a top up which is astronomical.
Now they want $80 million payable in cash only and its due in five days.


PETER Chingoka must go! He has destroyed cricket, a once promising sport into a very sad joke.

Cricket Fan.

HERE in the Central Estates of Mvuma there is an air force of Zimbabwe helicopter killing animals in their numbers since Monday.


WHEN will the so called “public” broadcaster and Zimpapers start to reflect the “all-inclusive” order in their editorial content?


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