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Gono’s Policies Unsustainable

ALLOW me to air my views in respect to the RBZ governor’s economic policies as he battles to  involve himself in almost every facet of society.

I am not an economist but let’s call a spade a spade. In my view he is putting forward amorphous and unsustainable policies.
  In agriculture efforts should have been made to procure seed and fertilisers before the disbursement of scotch carts. The rains have come but a lot of people do not have seed whilst the magnificent scotch carts are parked in the shed.
Instead of reviving and revitalising Zupco’s fortunes the governor is on record as having mooted the formation of another state-owned bus company. One does not have to run away from a problem but must solve it. Clearly this is an indication of a “robbing Peter to pay Paul” situation which still leaves Peter a worse off person.
For a long time now government ministries have not been accounting for their failures. Sadly enough our children have not had normal education for the past two years since the government has failed to address the teachers’ concerns.
However, the governor chips in to fund examinations instead of addressing the teachers’ problems.
Zimbabwe’s junior doctors and nurses first went on strike in 1995 but their concerns remain unattended to to date when the health service delivery system has totally collapsed as epitomised by the cholera outbreak in the capital city’s suburbs.
Economic solutions must be wholesome, not patches as is the case here. For how long will the RBZ continue restricting people to unrealistic cash withdrawal limits, when goods and services are skyrocketing daily?
By licensing shops to sell goods in foreign currency, the governor showed total disregard for the general public and only ensured that the elite get richer and richer while the poor get poorer and poorer.

Farai J Nerera,

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