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Sadc Ruling An Embarrassment To Africa

THE whole idea of a government of national unity in Zimbabwe appears to have been a conspiracy to suppress the will of Zimbabweans,

as it would have set a dangerous precedent signaling the demise of nationalistic governments which have held their people hostage for years in the region and some parts of Africa.
Any responsible body would not go along with the idea of co-sharing a ministry in an equitable power sharing agreement, let alone bless an unfair distribution of government portfolios to one party.
The agreement was clearly based on the March 29 harmonised elections in which President Mugabe was defeated and later turned against the electorate in the subsequent presidential runoff.
Sadc has clearly tarnished the image of Africa. The body has no fundamental democratic principles or is it a case of letting the Zimbabwean economy rot while these countries take advantage of our situation? Which other country in the region has two vice presidents, a prime minister, two deputy prime ministers and co-chairs a ministry?  
The authenticity of the regional grouping is questionable and casts doubt on the so called African solutions for Africans.

Farai Nerera,

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