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MAILED-TO-FREEDOM: An inmate escaped from jail in Germany by posting himself out of prison in a giant FedEx box of dirty laundry.

Drug dealer Hans Lang (42) hid in the laundry room after other inmates had finished work there and bundled himself up in dirty bed sheets in the large box.
The package was then loaded onto a van and driven through the gates at the prison in Willich near Dusseldorf.
He is understood to have waited until the driver made his next stop before getting out of the box, picking the lock on the back of the van and running off into nearby woods.
It was only discovered that he was missing after the driver saw the empty box and realised the lock to his van had been picked from the inside.
A spokesman for police who are now hunting him said: “It’s the kind of thing people think only happens in films –– but in this case it is very real.” –– Ananova.

NAGGNG HELL: A hen-pecked husband has been granted a divorce in Italy because his mother-in-law keeps nagging him.
Shopkeeper Luca Rossi (36) told the court in Salerno that his wife’s mother didn’t leave him alone throughout four months of marriage.
“I’d never believed stories and jokes about mothers-in-law but my marriage was hell and it was all her fault,” he said after the hearing.
“It was hell right from the moment we said ‘I do’ at our wedding until the moment we split, just because my mother-in-law interfered in every single thing in our lives.
“It was impossible. It led to one argument after another and there was no way a marriage could survive after that.”
Rossi said he would consider marriage again — but only if he did not have to deal with a mother-in-law.
“Next time I’m hoping to find a girl who’s an orphan,” he added.
CHURCH WALKS: A church has vanished from the Russian village where it stood for almost 200 years.
The Church of Christ’s Resurrection, in the central Russian village of Komarovo, was built in 1809 but in early October someone reportedly took it away brick by brick.
Father Vitaly, a spokesman for the local Russian Orthodox Church, said: “We have sent a letter to local prosecutors. Who exactly did this, the investigation will show.”
The church was in an isolated area only occasionally visited by clergymen, so the disappearance was not immediately noticed. The church was not in use but clergy had been considering resuming services there. A survey of the large, two-storey church a few months ago found that it was structurally sound, but now all that remains are the foundations and sections of walls, the statement said.
“This is not an isolated case,” said Father Vitaly. “In many villages in central Russia sites of historical interest are being dismantled and people suffer by being deprived of their cultural heritage.” –– Ananova.

OOPS!: A Romanian policeman tried to calm down a group of drunk teenagers with a warning shot –– and hit his colleague in the leg instead.
The two policemen had been called to Brasov town square by residents protesting at the rowdy kids who were drinking and swearing.
When the trigger-happy cop realised it was going to take more than two of them to tackle the kids he pulled out his gun to fire a warning shot. But the gun went off as he took off the safety catch before he was ready and he hit his partner in the thigh.
“He’s under investigation for improper use of a weapon. He’s not going to win marksman of the year award either,” said one colleague.
The teenagers meanwhile fled
the square after the gun went off. –– AP.

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