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Sadc: The Dearth Of African Hope

IN his election campaign, United States President-elect Barack Obama said, “Change does not come from Washington.

Change must come to Washington.”
This is probably true of Sadc and Africa in general.  Sadc is a big disappointment to the African people and if we expect change to come from Sadc, our hope is in for a big assault.  
If Africans desire change in the way they are governed, they must look elsewhere.  A classic example is the manner with which they  have dealt with the people of Zimbabwe.  Instead of standing with the wounded, Sadc shoots the wounded when they are down.  
The time has come when we must fight both dictators and their accomplices.We should demand a kind of leadership that calls a spade a spade, and not a big spoon.  What we currently have in the Sadc is convocation of political thugs, silencing the few voices of reason, teaming up with dictatorship against the poor who are now left with only God to look up to.
There is no worse threat to the African people’s hope for freedom than that group of rulers which calls itself leaders.  They do not represent us and indeed are a threat to our hope for our restoration.


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