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Ostrich-type Of Approach To Economics Foolhardy

I HAVE never believed the GNU accord could take our country from the precipice, and it’s now even clearer the pact precariously rests on political quicksands.


But even if the political hurdles we face today were to be overcome, do we have the knack to bring life back to our depleted economy?
The concoction of reckless measures applied for years by those who have stripped our nation of its economic flesh to the skeleton that it is now are just not a panacea. They only serve to worsen it further.
A financial system that is in a hyperinflationary climate like ours badly needs shock therapy. Where is free enterprise when business people are harassed and arm-twisted to roll back prices and trade at a loss? Our finance officials have constantly spoken about economic turnaround. How do you achieve such a feat when even the supply side is hardly active?
If it were not for the ill-planned and disastrous agrarian reforms, production on farms would have kept factories running and export earnings would have provided the hard currency needed for massive inputs.
There is rarely emphasis on economic stimulus packages and efforts to bolster economic growth. It never ceases to amaze me when bad policies are created to promote black market arbitrage. Then all of a sudden the shortage of fuel, household goods and other vital commodities is blamed on “economic saboteurs”. It’s the usual half-truths.
I don’t see any wisdom in fanning hatred for international donors and investors, which Zanu PF continues to do at every opportunity. Does anyone in Mugabe’s camp understand that economics and politics are not mutually exclusive? Zimbabwe needs to be a magnet for foreign investors for it to recapture its former status as the breadbasket of the region and stand proud in the world arena of interconnected economies
Our monetary authorities also seem to believe in playing poker with the financial system. Gideon Gono would have us believe that he can simply wave his magic wand to mop up the ever-swelling zero digits on our worthless money as a tool to fight the world record inflation.
When there happens to be cash shortages he points fingers at the “cash barons” and disloyal business people who are externalising hard cash. But are these mysterious cash hoarders not his Zanu PF associates?
So the record speaks for itself. Such an ostrich-type of approach to the economy is completely unsustainable.
Our country has ample potential to regain life. We have enough resources. What we lack though is a responsible and accountable administration, not shady political treaties.
Justice Zhou,

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