The Failure Of African Leadership

NOTHING could illustrate the failure of African leadership more clearly than the farce that took place in Harare this weekend.


Morgan Tsvangirai had raised the issue of his passport with the negotiators and when he was issued with a emergency travel document with a single destination restriction he refused to travel.    
The issue goes far beyond just the question of withholding his travel documents but is just the latest of a series of incidents that show that the regime in Harare has no intention of allowing the new government to be formed.
They are continuing to restrict and interfere with food distribution by the international community. and they have retained tight control over commercial food distribution.  
The security forces continue to attack any attempts by civil society to support the negotiation process and the media is as warped and restricted as ever.
While this charade is being played out, Southern Africa burns.  
In the midst of the global financial crisis, we look indecisive and ineffective. By failing to take crucial decisions on issues such as inter-party violence in South Africa and the resolution of the crisis in Zimbabwe –– all within our own clear competence — we are failing our respective countries, the region and our people’s best interests.

Eddie Cross,