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KEEP up your professionalism but I warn you that once you try to be neutral, MDC supporters are likely to label you Zanu PF. 

I admire your articles because most of the time they are balanced and you criticise both sides, you do not show the partisan nature that is now associated with most independent newspapers in Zimbabwe. It’s either you support Tsvangirai and MDC or you are wrong and the very same things that we should do away with, the same things that we condemn Mugabe for, we condone them as long as they are done by MDC –– that is hypocrisy creeping into our society.  
Whilst the independent media has supported the opposition unreservedly, the MDC should not take that support for granted and I shudder when I think of what could happen in future when the independent media start scrutinising their policies. Are we not going to see another monster in the name of MDC vilifying the media which they perceive does not support them?  
I see it happening to your newspaper because you have decided to look beyond the criticising of Mugabe.  An analysis of the Zimbabwe situation should go beyond just criticising Mugabe’s bad policies. We should subject the MDC to scrutiny since they are potential governors of the country.  
 The trend developing in Zimbabwe at the moment is disturbing whereby if one tries to present an argument –– and it is perceived to be against MDC –– then you risk being called all sorts of names and people wish you could also be added on the sanctions list because you happen to have a different viewpoint on the political process in Zimbabwe.
 Brother be warned –– you might have decided to be a professional media practitioner, but your timing could be wrong because you might end up on the sanctions list like Ceasar Zvayi and you should expect more personal attacks coming your way.
 I am also of the view that both MDC and Zanu PF must have the sanctions threats hovering over their heads, like they did in Kenya, and this will put pressure on both sides to be reasonable in their demands.  At the moment it would appear MDC-T is not under any pressure from anyone at all to resolve the crisis and they can afford to call for fresh elections, threaten to get out of the deal, etc.  I strongly condemn Mugabe and his cronies for not issuing the passport Tsvangirai wants so badly. Now the negotiations have been reduced to his personal passport… With all due respect, I am not so sure if Tsvangirai’s passport is what is required to solve the economic problems for Zimbabwe.  To me this is a case of misplaced priorities and if you dare say such things in public you risk being put on the sanctions.
 For Mugabe to be globe trotting the way he is doing knowing very well there is a problem at home just demonstrates the lack of seriousness on his part. Sadc leaders, Comesa etc should be discouraging him from attending such forums till he has sorted out the mess back home.  These leaders ought to realise we do not have all the time in the world.
 The likes of Petina who would rather concentrate on attacking other people personally for different views to theirs and resort to name-calling, and purport to support democracy at the same time is rather unfortunate.  I think at the end of the day where you are writing from does not matter, whether you are writing from MDC-T or Zanu PF headquarters, it’s your choice and people should respect that.


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