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Political Settlement A Non Event

ALLOW me to air my views in respect of the political pact signed by Zanu PF and the two MDC formations.

Personally I found no reason why MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai would agree to be part of an all inclusive government headed by Robert Mugabe in considering what happened in the March presidential election and the subsequent runoff which was held on June 27.
Tsvangirai withdrew from the presidential race following an orgy of violence precipitated by Zanu PF which left many people dead, maimed and displaced.
After having proclaimed victory in a self serving and obstinate manner Zanu PF extended an olive branch to Morgan Tsvangirai for a political settlement.
Surely this is a circus and I wonder how we Zimbabweans – as learned as we are – were woodwinked into condoning such a travesty.  Foregoing the goodwill that was supposed to accompany the so called political settlement Mugabe went on to appoint governors from his party and to grab all key ministries.
As we move forward and the nation impatiently waits for the results of the talks my view is that we should see Zanu PF for what it is and not pretend that it has suddenly reformed.

J. Farai Nherera

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