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TOUGH-LOVE: A father took his 20-year old son to an Islamic court in northern Nigeria for idleness, asking that he be sent to prison for refusing to engage in productive activities, state news agency Nan said Friday.

“He is not listening to words and he is bringing shame to my family. I am tired of his nefarious deeds. Please put this boy in prison so that I can be free,” Sama’ila Tahir, a market trader in the northeastern town of Bauchi, was quoted as saying.
Tahir told the court that his son had refused to go to school and accused him of belonging to a criminal gang.
The court sentenced the son to six months in prison and 30 strokes of the cane –– which were immediately administered on the premises –– for being disobedient to his parents, Nan  said. –– Reuters.

JUNIOR-DRIVER: An Ontario woman was charged with a traffic violation after having her nine-year-old daughter drive her home following a night of drinking.
“The woman was concerned that she was unable to drive having consumed some alcohol at a social function,” police said.
The child was driving the car slowly along country roads in southeastern Ontario on October 12 when police noticed how tiny she was and pulled her over, police said. –– Ananova.

NO-ORDER-PLEASE: An English pensioner has been ordered to stop mowing the grass outside his home because it makes the road look too tidy.
Brian Hubbard has regularly cut the patch of grass outside his Hereford home since he moved in four years ago. He also picks up litter, rakes the leaves and cleans up council contractors’ grass cuttings, reports the Daily Telegraph.
But he has received a letter accusing him of “encroaching” on council land and been told that he must “return the area to its original state within 28 days” or the work would be carried out at his expense.
He said: “Whoever would have thought that cultivating the grass, cutting it regularly and raking the leaves off could be described as encroachment? Do they want me to put daisies and dandelions in?” –– Ananova.

MOMENT-OF-INSPIRATION: People are at their most creative late at night with 10.04pm the most likely time for a brainwave, according to a survey.
Inspiration is least likely to strike in the afternoon, according to the poll which suggests office workers have little chance of solving problems after lunch.
The least creative time in the day is 4.33pm, with 92% of people admitting to feeling uninspired in the afternoon. The poll of 1 426 people showed that a quarter of us stay up late burning the midnight oil when seeking inspiration. –– Ananova.

UNDER-FIRE: An Italian council worker is getting the bullet from his bosses –– after he was shot on a hunting trip when he should have been working.
Adriano Germano (56), an engineer, turned up to work and told bosses he was going out on an all-day job to help fix some water pipes. But he sneaked off after clocking in to go hunting in nearby forests with some pals –– and ended up in hospital for 20 days when a pal accidentally blasted him with a shotgun.
Suspicious bosses in Mallare, northern Italy, called in police when they heard about the injury and discovered what had happened. Now he’s facing jail on charges of defrauding the state.
A police spokesman said: “The man had tried to claim that his injuries were a result of him doing his job.
“But he was a bit stuck to come up with an explanation as to how he had been peppered with shot from a hunting gun while working on pipes.” –– Ananova.

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